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A fine testing opportunity

Check out this great test.

42.857142857142854% of me is a huge nerd! How about you?

Officially count me off a day of backlog. I'm going to bed.

META: Drupal again

There's a lot of things I really like about Drupal. That said, I'm reaching my limit with it...


My boy has a birthday, my friend has an idea, and I have little sleep...

Yesterday was my boy Ben's 7th birthday. He's growing up so fast! Cliché, yet so true...


Had an interesting conversation with friends this evening about American demographics and voting trends. We reached some conclusions that, while consonant with what I've seen others write, are still interesting...

HOWTO: Tune a piano the Keith Packard way

Recently, my colleague Dick Hamlet did an amazingly generous thing. He gave me a beautiful old upright piano. He was moving, and didn't want to move it, so I had it hauled to my house. How cool is that?

The piano needed some work, so Keith Packard and Carl Worth did another amazingly generous thing. They came over and helped me fix the piano. Then Keith tuned it. This in itself took several hours.

My Mom used to tune our piano when I was a kid. Since then, I'd never seen it done. So I thought maybe some of you would be interested in how Keith did it. It's quite repeatable, actually; all the way to easy. It just takes time, patience, quiet, and a bit of equipment...


META: Backlog achieved

I figure I have a day or so of backlog from extra postings on this site. In addition, I've made several postings over the last few weeks to my semi-anonymous blog, and a couple to my private journal files. All in all, I figure I have about 7 days of backlog, which is enough to get by some fairly serious lossage.

The downside of this furious blogging and journaling is that my regular work and other projects are falling behind. I will try to cut back to one entry per night now, and keep the entries a bit shorter. Otherwise I'll never even clear my email queue.


X fails to mark the spot

I'm tired. I'll type a few words; then I'm going to bed. %$#@! X.

First day of class was last Monday, and I wanted to use my laptop to display video on their projector...


The Firesign Theatre

The Firesign Theatre is one of those things you can't explain...

META: Anonymous users can post blog comments now

As an experiment, I have enabled blog comment posting for anonymous users. There's a moderation system registered users can use. If you are a Friend of Bart, I strongly recommend dropping me an email and then signing up for an account here. But it seems unreasonable to not at least try to let others comment on my blog, now that it's firing regularly. This is especially true since I think I'll sign up on ORblogs and see how that goes.


A bidding/betting tip

I've played a lot of card games in my life—perhaps inordinately many for somebody with so much else to do. I was sitting around playing funsies poker in the intermediate room on Yahoo tonight, and was reminded of an old adage we used to use playing Bridge. I pass it on, as it may be useful to you...


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