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Pirate Haiku

I'm still bitter about the Pirate Haiku contest…

Some time ago, our local newspaper the Oregonian had a contest for the best Pirate Haiku for National Talk Like A Pirate Day. I was aiming for the Second Prize: pirate underwear. I haven't submitted to any of their contests since then, because darn it, mine were better than their winning entries.

But don't take my word for it: judge for yourself.

The plank is ready:
It's "Talk Like A Pirate Day"!
Can you walk the walk?

First-ever 802.11 rocket telemetry

Recently, we at PSAS are likely to have been the first ever to successfully use 802.11 as a rocket telemetry system. I posted an article about this to /., but was rejected. So I'll post here, and hope that folks are duly impressed…

The pieces we used to make an 802.11 link work at above Mach 2 at 3.5 miles up were manifold.

A Junior Moment

Yesterday I got to find out I've been an idiot for many years. It's one of those things where I knew everything brilliantly except for one simple fact…

CODE: Continuations, closures, concurrency

A blogger recently posted a challenge for programmers of languages with first-class continuations: use them to construct a Prolog-like constraint satisfaction construct that works by saving choice points. Of course, I can't resist this kind of thing…

Introduction to network trust establishment [interlude]

Part 1 of this series sketches out some basic structure underlying network trust establishment. I wanted to take a moment to comment on the motivating examples I've seen in the last couple of days… You had me, but you lost me

I haven't touched /. in a week or two now. I doubt I'll ever bother to again. This is the culmination of years of faithful reading, posting, commenting and moderating. I'm pretty sad that it has come to this—in fact, I had hung on a lot longer than common sense tells me is wise. You had me, Slashdot, but you lost me…

Secure Computer Shuffling

I just re-read an ancient article referenced on entitled How We Learned to Cheat at Online Poker: A Study in Computer Security. The article points up that computer shuffling is hard to get secure in this situation, and illustrates three seperate bad security flaws in the algorithm used by a popular computer Poker site in 1999. Unfortunately, it then goes on to suggest a "secure" shuffle that actually is quite insecure…

META: May all spammers get involuntary facial tatoos advertising embarrassing personal hygiene products

Excellent. I've got a total of about 10 legitimate outside comments over the whole time this blog has been up. A few weeks ago, I made it possible to comment anonymously. Today, some pathetic excuse for a human being spammed advertising comments onto the head entry on the site 4 times. So it's spammers 4, good folks 10. Could be worse, I guess…


META: You can't spell hypocrite without rite. You can't even spell write. Heck, you can't spell right.

I am such a hypocrite. I post this lovely meta-comment about how I'm back to writing every night, and to compensate I'm going to cut down the number of words per blog entry to a couple of hundred to keep things manageable.

The next day, no blog entry. The day after that, a 1000-word screed.

I guess this is how writers are, but I thought I was better than that. Sorry, gentle readers. I'll continue to try to do better.


Is there a Doctor in the house? A Professor?

My brother ran into someone calling herself "Doctor X" and "Professor X" recently, who turns out neither to be a Ph.D. or M.D. nor apparently to have a Faculty position at the institution she is teaching in. While in my opinion highly unethical, this situation is not uncommon. It seems to be partly a result of confusion about what the titles "Doctor" and "Professor" mean. Let me try to clear up some of his confusion, and perhaps yours…



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