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A PowerPoint Slide

This PowerPoint slide cracked me up—in particular, the upper-right-hand panel.

BTW, 5 bonus points to anyone who can figure out how to get a plain ol' RSS feed directly off the Presentation Zen website. Talk about making things hard for readers! Fob

META: Two blog posts per week

Looks like the best pace I'll be able to sustain for this blog for now is 2-3 posts per week. I'll promise two (with the usual caveats about counting anonymous blog and private journal entries) and we'll see how it goes.

My apologies. Fob


CODE: Haskell non-transitive dice constructor

I'm slowly learning Haskell. Today's project was something that arguably should be way faster for a fluent Haskell programmer than for a C programmer. It wasn't for me, since I'm still learning the language.

The recent BoingBoing posting on "nontransitive dice" is something I'd seen before and found interesting…


Shared Source

I've been called lately by a few people on the fact that I normally talk about "open source" rather than "Free software". Since the leaders of both movements seem to agree that each category subsumes the others, I've felt free to assume notional equivalence between the two…

The Open Source Locale

One of the most pervasive success stories of open source development is distributed, asynchronous teams working by email and IRC. This is an area in which open source is providing a working model for proprietary software development teams. Yet a huge percentage of the open source developers I work with live here in Portland, Oregon…

ت R0XX0R!

It turns out that Persian has a character ت called "teh". I plan to use it often; it's ت lEEt. (The word "lEEt" means "elite" and is rendered "1334" in haxxor, at least by me.) The phrase "ت 1334" should look like "" if everything is working well.


It was time tonight to get USB High Speed working on my home office desktop box. I forget why it was time, it just was…

Oh yeah, I remember! There were three reasons:

Metaphor and Magical Thinking

I gave a class lecture the other day in which I gave a little spiel, as I sometimes do, about the dangers of metaphor and analogy as techniques for reasoning about software systems. Some of my students reacted pretty adversely. Certainly, since then any use of metaphor or analogy around them has led to intense ribbing :-). Needless to say, this was not what I intended…

HOWTO: Debugging for Newbies

This is the nth in a series of tutorials I don't have time to write, really. So it will be little more than a sketch. But I'm tired of telling this story in person, so I'd like to point people here first. Here's how to debug…


META: Captchas Repaired

Just a brief apology for the recent failure of the captchas on my blog to display any text. Sad A combination of a system administration screwup and a Drupal captcha module bug produced this effect. I'm sorry—I'll bet that was really disconcerting. Fob



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