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Working on the party!

My recent promotion and tenure provides a once-in-a-lifetime excuse for a party. How fortuitous that, other than a date, a venue, a guest list, an agenda and a funding source, I have everything I need for the Party of Doom…

Here are the first approximations to each of the necessary items.

Assoc. Achieved

Just got the official letter from the Portland State University President in the mail today. I've been granted official promotion to Associate Professor with indefinite tenure, effective AY2006–2007. Thanks again hugely to those who got me to this point; I feel like my efforts were the smallest part of this success. Fob


What a difference a day makes

I'm currently posting from a gosh-awful Best Western motel near the Milan-Malpensa airport. The long list of bad things about this place is too amazing to post. The good things? It has an Internet connection (although only pay wireless in the lobby), and it's close to the airport.

The weather was relatively lousy today, and I just now (2200 local) finished the grant writing I needed to do. At 0415 tomorrow morning I get the wakeup call to quickly pack and head for the airport.


An Italian evening...

I just had an absolutely amazing carpaccio and a fragrant local wine at a place on a little twisty micro-neighborhood street near my hotel. Then I went to the gelateria by the water, and sat eating my gelato and looking out over the awesome late-evening face of Lake Como.

It's almost enough to make me not cranky that the rest of my trip to Italy is going to be spent working on a giant grant proposal, due Monday while I'm flying back, that I had hoped would be mostly done before I left and finished by others.


Tribal Casino Talk

I'm typing this from the coffee shop of the Wildhorse Casino in Pendleton, Oregon. For those of you who aren't familiar with the region, Pendleton is near…well…nothing. It's about a 3.5 hour drive East from Portland, if everything goes just right. Needless to say, it didn't, so I left at 16:30 and arrived at about 21:30, with quite a few stops in between…

Stories about Mike and grep

Below is a comment I started in response to this blog entry on grep speed. I decided it was better posted here. Enjoy…

Yeah, the link above is to a photo of GNU grep author Mike Haertel. Trust me when I say that it's fairly unlikely you'd beat him in any kind of fair test of this kind of coding—he is utterly brilliant. Three stories…

Almost Assoc.

A quick word for those tracking my career progress :-). Just got my letter from the Portland State University Provost today recommending that I be promoted to Associate Professor with "indefinite tenure". The President still has to sign off, but this is essentially a formality.

Huge thanks to everyone who helped me get to this point. Now it's time to plan the party. Fob


Webcomics Tracking

Go figure. Of the things I've blogged this round, the one generating the most interesting and intense conversation over the last couple of days has been a little sentence-fragment bullet item in my whiny little to-do list post. "A webcomics aggregator / feed thing." That was my whole pitch.

Apparently I hit a nerve. When a geek hits a nerve, they poke at it…

Here's what I want. Maybe it already exists. If not, maybe I can talk someone into building it for me. Or at least building it with me.


My X Toolkit Plan

For a long time, I've been threatening to "work up the stack" from XCB. Indeed, this is behind many XCB design decisions. I want to eventually build apps on top of a framework designed bottom-up in a flexible manner.

This blog post describes my medium terms in this direction. By the way, this is a pretty different plan from what it was two months ago. This may mean that it's also different from what I'll eventually actually do. My mileage may vary…


Notes From The Black Hole

What a fiasco the last 10 days have been! The next 10 don't look much better, BTW. This blog entry is mostly to let any concerned folks know that I'm still alive. The only way I even found time to write it is by dropping out of two major team projects altogether: one that was very, very cool and one that was quite important to my career. Realistically, though, imploding on 27 projects is a much less good idea than completing 25…or something…


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