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The smallest persistence would be good

Sorry about missing the last couple of days of blog entries: the big FOB site upgrade took all of my spare blogging around time.

I'm also unhappy to report that I haven't been in bed by 11:15 once this week. I need to rethink my plan, I guess; I'll give it another week's try first starting tomorrow, although OSCON undoubtedly will fail to be of assistance here. Fob

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In which I come around on OotS

OK, I'm now quite enjoying The Order of the Stick.

The first couple of times I tried it, I just couldn't get past the art. It's so…sticky. But as I read more webcomics, I think my art-style tolerance may be growing. Further, the writing is quite good, and I find the genre highly amusing.


My performance problem and how I solved it

I finally put another 512MB of RAM in my office Linux box today. It has had "just" 512MB forever, while I waited for the price to come down. I had all kinds of data that suggested the machine was short on RAM, and that adding more would dramatically improve its performance…

Multiverse Syndrome

Eric Burns and Wednesday White's Websnark is the premier comic commentary site (though currently in partial hiatus). Look there for extensive discussion of "Cerberus Syndrome" and "First and Ten Syndrome". The observation that many light comics suddenly change direction for the darker and more serious, after a while, is astute and not original with me. Events recently in Dominic Deegan, however, have inspired me to speak up on the topic…


Curse /etc/X11/gdm/Xsession and its .profile-running behavior!

I just spent way longer than I care to admit spread over the last week debugging why the new Ubuntu install someone put on our Linux Lab computers bit it everytime it tried to start X for me…

As usual, if I'd spent less time trying "things" and more time paying attention to the evidence clearly in front of me, I could have debugged it in a few minutes.

At any rate, the problem turns out to be these offending lines of code in /etc/X11/gdm/Xsession:

test -f "$HOME/.profile" && . "$HOME/.profile"

Blast from the past; a letter from MacWrite 1.0

I wrote my wife a letter while I was at Reed in the mid-eighties. She found it somewhere in the garage a few weeks ago, and I scanned it. The letter is a little mushy and embarrassing in content; I post it here only because it is also an interesting (to me, at least) commentary on the original 128K Mac by a new user who knew a little bit about computers at the time…

Mike Vanier hates programming contests (me too)

Mike Vanier has a nice blog entry that for some reason got Reddit exposure today. It's entitled Why I Hate Programming Competitions. I coach the ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) pretty often, and my criticisms of it are pretty much in line with Vanier's…


Sleep Needed

I'm making a new "Mid-Year Resolution". No, sadly, it's not to cut down on my overuse of scare-quotes. Rather, I'm going to try real hard to get to bed by 11:15 every single night, and to blog regularly between 11:00 and 11:15. This is going to be quite difficult for me—here I am on the first day posting at 12:45AM. (I had a couple of hours of nap earlier, but still—not a very good excuse.) I think it's a necessary lifestyle change, though, for several reasons…

Project Resolution

This blog is named Project Resolution partly because it can be read so many ways and sounds vaguely patriotic but isn't, but mostly because it continues as part of a New Years' Resolution I made. It's about 6 months since the New Year; it's probably time to review my progress on my resolutions, and adjust accordingly…

Here's current status, in the order I listed originally.

Back to the blog

It has been about a month since I managed to blog anything. This is not good. Admittedly, I've been racing all over the place and flailing around with 20 or 30 "A-priority" projects, but I think it's more than that; the strategy of trying to do a couple of posts a week isn't working out. I need the discipline of posting every day if I want to keep my blog going at all. So I'm back to "New Years' Resolution mode": a new blog entry every day. More on this in my next entry.

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