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I've posted some photos from the camera in my new cellphone. The phone is an LG VX5300. I think it takes good pictures, albeit 640x480. I'll post a full review of the phone soon. Fob

Upcoming Rants

I'll write these rants as I get time. Tonight it's too late to write much.

  • Why VCARD should be structured XML.
  • Drowning the technical meritocracy.
  • Tie A Silly Ribbon…
  • Tenure Explained

If you're in a hurry, you can probably write them yourself.

Also, as per reader direction, I need to get some links up. I know what I want to do first—just need to type it all in. Fob

Review: Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset

As reported yesterday, the Plantronics Voyager 510 Bluetooth Headset I bought yesterday failed to work at all. Still, I wanted a headset to go with my new Bluetooth phone; everyone seemed to think that the 510 was pretty good. So I took the busted one back to Fry's and exchanged it for an identical sibling…

Bluetooth Blues

OK, it's not a clever title. But it's where I am. I got a new phone yesterday evening. The LG VX5300 is a "tri-mode" analog-capable phone, which is important in Oregon where there are still substantial analog-only areas. The phone has some really cool features; a camera with flash, speakerphone, funky voice dialing, and support for Verizon's low-speed "NationalAccess" network featuring only airtime charges for access. The phone is Bluetooth, with quite a few claimed profiles supported…

Web 2.0 Boilerplate

Here's some boilerplate to insert in your HTML next time you feel compelled to mention Web 2.0® in a document. Have fun!

Web 2.0<small><sup><a


OSCON is over. It was fun, but it's a relief to get past it and back to life also…

Of the morning keynotes, Damian Conway's "Talk 2.0" was the most memorable for me. However, Dave Bradley's talk on the creation of the IBM PC was also quite nice, as was Bernard Malmud's talk on hacking government. (The trendspotting talk was fine, as usual; not clear what to make of it, I think.)


Way too sleepy to blog much tonight, but wanted to at least capture some basic OSCON notes for later…

No more naked people in the morning keynotes, but some swearing. Lefkowicz' talk was the one I remember best; it was an interesting commentary about the tomato.

I watched someone launch into her talk when her slides weren't working. It's nice to see that level of speaker professionalism.


Wow. Got up at 5:30 today, for complicated personal reasons having to do with getting things done before OSCON. Got our PSU booth set up, then went to the morning keynotes…

OSCON Day 1-2

The first couple of days of OSCON are mostly tutorials. I didn't have time to attend any of these this year; my friends who did gave them mixed reviews as usual. OSCON proper kicked off tonight as usual…

There were five main components to the evening's festivities:

AMD buys ATI!

I'd recently talked to friends about what AMD might do to compete with Intel's graphics offerings. Never did we realize that ATI might just be willing to be bought. Wow…

This could be great for the free desktop; it seems entirely possible that AMD will open all the ATI specs that it can and we'll finally get full-on open source drivers. Or it could be business as usual.

In any case, Nvidia seems pretty left-in-the-cold at this point. Maybe this will be the incentive they need to start opening their specs.


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