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My phone has a crappy radio

My fundamental test of a cellphone is "how does it work as a phone?" For my HTC One Dev Edition, the answer is "not very well". The radio reception is kind of terrible. Worse yet, it doesn't seem to roam properly: I find myself rebooting it so that it will connect to a local network.


OK, I found the most addictive game ever

The most addictive game ever is a web-based clicker game whose name I'm not telling or you'll do what I did. Guess where I've spent much of the last 24 hours? Craziness. Never again. Fob


Broke it again

Well, I broke the USB connector off Summer Hardware Project tonight. Just forgot to be sufficiently delicate, and off it popped. This time I wrecked it beyond repair. Guess I get to order new boards and build SHP a third time. Yeesh. Fob


Connector / dirt fail

Understand, connector designers: dirt and junk will get into fielded connectors. It's a thing; it's not avoidable. It's worse for consumer electronics, which get all kinds of abuse.


HOWTO: Sealing bottles with heat shrink tubing

This isn't a complicated thing, but it's kind of an involved story, and I have pictures, so what the heck.

I've been infusing gin for a while now, and sealing the bottles with electrical tape. It actually looks OK, but I've thought I could do better. The photo essay described above shows my process for sealing the bottles with heat shrink tubing. I thought about writing a long and complicated blog post describing the process, but I think the pictures make it pretty obvious. Here's a few extra notes…


It's snowing in Portland

It's snowing in Portland, and at my house. 3-7" expected through the day and night.

That is all. Fob

My webcomics list again

It's been four years since I did my last report on my webcomics list. Four years! I had no idea.

Fortunately, this time I had a scraping script for Piperka more-or-less (less) in place, so it wasn't too much work for me to edit it and bring it over here. Without further ado, my webcomics list…


The Petrie Multiplier

One of the memes currently floating around Facebook, and therefore probably the rest of the interwebs, is the Petrie Multiplier. A friend of mine pointed it out to me, and also pointed out a followup piece on a Petrie Multiplier variant simulation. It is worth pointing out that, as far as I can tell, the eponymous Karen Petrie created the model but neither named nor published it; thus it hardly seems fair to ascribe blame to her for any of its problems. And IMHO it has problems…

HOWTO: List the installed files on your Debian system

I am trying to clean up a laptop to give back to Keith Packard, who graciously loaned it to me years ago. I'd like to remove most of the files that weren't part of the Debian installation on the laptop. The first step in this process is figuring out what files are owned by a Debian package. This script seems to do the trick… [Because of a Drupal bug I have to put some text here if I want the first line of the script to come out right, since I'm trying to split the post here and the whitespace gets eaten. Sorry.]


Daily checklisting

I've been running a daily checklist since the start of the year. I currently have 14 daily items plus a few weekly ones on it. I'm using To.Do on Android as my tool. It's kind of weak, but it turns out to be good enough to do its job.

Here's my notes to myself on what seems to be working vs not working with checklisting. Take it for what you will… * A good checklist item is something you should do every day, and usually do, but occasionally forget or neglect. A checklist item is a reminder and a mild stimulus.



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