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Groupon might be the dumbest startup ever

You've probably heard about Groupon, the service that offers you deal coupons. You may even be a subscriber. You may have also heard about their Superbowl ad this year, in which they, at best, make light of the plight of the Tibetan people.

They've been defending the ad by saying at least it calls attention to the situation. Yeah. Mocking it ain't such a good way to go there. I unsubscribed.

I am a musical legend

I ran into this download link in Google by accident just now, and for some reason it cracked me up. Yes, you can now get The Finite Automata Song off my blog through a music download service. Go me!

Looking at that link on my blog made me sad, though. I miss my brother so much. Fob


A couple of SSH tips

So I discovered something interesting about SSH a couple of months ago, and something else a couple of days ago; these discoveries together answered a bunch of my questions about why I could never make SSH work properly.


Now with more Twitter!

Sometime back in Movember I got the last working auto-Twitter of one of my blog entries. Twitter moved to OAuth, and I didn't update my Drupal5 installation to match.


I can open doors with my mind

I walked up to the elevator today and just as I got there the elevator door opened, and no one was inside, and it was headed in my direction.

I concluded that I can open doors with my mind.

But of course, it could have just been a weird coincidence, so I tested my theory. When the elevator got to my floor, the door immediately opened for me again, with no intervention on my part. Hypothesis confirmed.

I can open doors with my mind.

The continuing saga of Linux Atheros support

A while back I wrote about how much trouble I was having with the Atheros 802.11 card I was using as an AP at my house. There was much flailing and gnashing of teeth, and eventually I got something kind of kludged together that seemed to do WPA and stay up most of the time… Today I finally ran into a situation where I really wanted the multi-SSID support that the card can provide back. (I probably could have done something with multiple BSSIDs, but meh.) My son has some legacy hardware that doesn't work with WPA.


HOWTO: Debugging an ssh connection problem

I'm sick of trying to debug ssh connection issues; they're often hard, and I work on them just infrequently enough to forget everything I knew. This blog post is a note to myself about what kinds of problem to look for and where to look when ssh has gone south…


Donald Heber Larsen, 28 April 1927 - 6 December 2010

My Father-in-law, Don Larsen, passed away this month from complications of aging.

By the time I met Don, he was already around 50. He was extrordinarily kind and generous to me. His side career as a homebuilder (like so many of my relatives, his day job was as a postman) left him with lots of practical skills. However, reading, gardening and cooking were his biggest pleasures.

My wife and I miss him greatly. Fob

So tired of Fry's

I'm sitting outside Fry's Electronics in Wilsonville Oregon right now. I wasn't allowed to enter the store, because I was carrying a backpack…

Fry's used to be so cool. Over the past several years I've watched their selection dwindle, their store be constantly reorganized until nothing is findable, their sales staff deskill, and their prices rise. Now this.

All Keith and I wanted to do was hit our IRC meeting from the Fry's cafe. When we told the woman working the door that, she became even more antagonistic. A computer?

HOWTO: Starting debsums

I needed to run debsums on everything on one of my boxes today. A hack from the net helped me get it going…



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