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HOWTO: EVE Online on Debian with Wine

I tried to get EVE Online, an epic-scale space MMO, running on PlayOnLinux. However, this didn't ever work for me. So I decided to go for a direct Wine install.

For the most part, the recipe to get EVE running directly on Wine is given by an article on the EVElopedia wiki. However, there are some additional things I found necessary to get it running on my Haswell graphics box running Debian Jesse. Properly, this post should be an edit to EVElopedia, but since I still have only a free trial account, I'm not allowed to edit there. (I get why, but you might be missing out on some great info, EVElopedia.) So I'll record my additions here, and maybe move things later…


Open Source Bridge talk submitted

I'm submitting a talk to Open Source Bridge - June 24–27, 2014 - Portland, OR

Everclear is a cleaner

I was cleaning out the water reservoir of my CPAP machine with alcohol tonight—the water is heated to humidify the air so that one's insides don't dry out overnight—and reflecting on the alcohol I was using, namely Everclear. Everclear is the brand name of an azeotrope of 95% ethanol and 5% water. I like to use it to clean stuff that I might eat or breathe since it's a relatively safe organic solvent in trace amounts.

HOWTO: Embedding a font in a Linux Inkscape SVG document

I wanted to embed a font in an Inkscape SVG document I created in Debian Linux and was about to email to someone today. With a lot of help from the web I figured out one way to do it. Here's how…


HTML Programming

NPR's Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me commented last weekend on a survey in which "11% of Americans thought that the programming language HTML was an STD." Hah hah. "Programming Language." Good one, Wait Wait.

My Dept. Chair and I were reminiscing a few days before about back when people would call themselves "HTML Programmers." I thought those days were gone. Fob



Some weird piece I was just reading was lamenting the absence of micropayments on the web. I am so not interested in giving or receiving micropayments. I'm an open source guy who writes code and gives it away, and I'm perfectly happy with that. Three problems with micropayments…

Project names

On Facebook today, a friend of mine was leading a discussion about terrible project naming. She asked "Why are you developing software and sharing it if you don't want people to use it?"… For me, there are a lot of reasons: I was developing it for my own use anyway, and put it up to show others what I have done; I'm really just sharing with my friends; I want my students to learn from it; I'm looking for a collaborator who might take it forward. In all of these cases, a poor name might be only a slight impediment.


There is no good pedal

As I noted earlier, I am looking for an electronic piano sustain pedal with a polarity switch and some kind of anti-skate. They don't exist. It's quite perturbing, actually. There's only about 5 pedals on the market that are not just foot switches, and all of them are either unipolar or just poorly made. Tomorrow I plan to re-buy a Roland DP-10 that I already returned once, and mod it using hints from the interwebs to add a polarity switch. Whee. Fob


REVIEW: M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal

I bought an M-Audio SP-2 Sustain Pedal for my keyboard a couple of days ago. My old pedal finally broke irreparably after maybe 25 years, and I wanted a replacement right away… tl;dr: Not so good. Returned.


Coin War

Coin War is a simple game of my own invention, for two players…



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