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First Light for the Desert Lizard

The LEDs on my Desert Lizard board lighted up this morning! Thanks huge to Keith Packard for his extensive help in getting the board built and hooked up to the programmer. Thanks also to Jenner Hanni for collaboration and advice. Maybe the details are also interesting…


Why "nerd culture must die" fails

A friend of mine shared a link to Pete Warden's article Why nerd culture must die on FB this evening. As usual, my response became too long for FB. So here it is…


Why TeachScheme is not in my future

A brilliant CS educator named Matthias Felliasen (who is also one of the nicest guys in computing) and his colleagues have spent many years working on a teaching environment and curriculum for CS. The lynchpin of their program is (was? — honestly I haven't kept good track) something called TeachScheme, which is instruction in the Scheme programming language: a language with which I am reasonably familiar.

Felliasen wrote a response to Paul Lockhart's brilliant A Mathematician's Lament which, in a single anecdote, encapsulates for me why I don't think TeachScheme is the answer…


A Conversation With A Friend In Mariupol

A friend of mine, whom I shall call U to protect his anonymity, has lived and worked professionally his whole life in Mariupol in Eastern Ukraine. If you've seen any news from there at all lately, you know that the Russian military combined with pro-Russian Ukranians to march on Mariupol in the last few days, attempting to win the city for Russia.

I have had an ongoing chat session with U for many months now. What follows is a lightly-edited transcript of the last few days…

The Facebook Experiment

Recently, Facebook conducted an "experiment" aimed at inducing negative emotions in its users by manipulation of presented content. A Facebook acquaintance of mine posted a link to an article arguing the "other side" of the obvious position on this issue. Herein is my response…

Thoughts on "Thoughts on the Reynolds High School tragedy"

Local radio personality Lars Larson published his "Thoughts on the Reynolds High School tragedy" a few days ago.

Lars, you jackass…

On Hiring Remote Developers

A friend of mine just posted a link to Alexander Dymo's LinkedIn post entitled 2 Tips for Hiring Remote Software Developers [sic]; she also posted a mild critique. I have to say that I'm not super-enthused about this piece either. Here's some of my concerns…


On Grading

Course letter grades have such terrible problems that I'm always surprised they are allowed to persist. Here's a few…

Diane Downs / School Superintendent

I reported some time back on the resemblance of our long-time Lake Oswego School Superintendent to the Pacific Northwest's Green River Killer. Well, our Superintendent has finally retired, and has been replaced, this time by a woman.

HOWTO: Fix missing Google Calendars on Android

I created a new Google Calendar calendar for myself using my browser recently. A couple of days ago, I noticed it wasn't showing up on Android. After a bunch of false starts, I figured it out. If you go to Calendars To Display in the Android Calendar settings, the new calendar will not appear…until you click the Calendars To Sync button at the bottom. The new calendar appears there, and when selected is automatically chosen in Calendars To Display as well. No idea why syncing with new calendars is not the default, nor why the weird, utterly non-standard UI for selecting calendars to sync. Ugh. Fob



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