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A Kind of Rebirth

After my kernel panic with NetbookInstaller, I pretty much gave up trying to install OS X on my HP Mini 110. I let the netbook sit idle for at least a week. Finally I found some spare time and motivation for this sad project, and I decided to install Ubuntu Netbook Remix (UNR). This is a lite Linux distro which is supposed to work great on most netbooks with an Atom processor.

Kernel Panic

The alternative guide which I followed most recently has ended in a kernel panic. It has something to do with a power-management kernel extension.

I previously wrote that I would give up and go to Ubuntu if anything went wrong. Now that I have taken a short vacation from this project, I am reconsidering. I have three choices.

1) EASIEST: Install Ubuntu Netbook Remix. 2) HARDER: Repair the Mac OS X 10.5.5 which is now installed on my HP Mini 110. It needs proper screen resolution. 3) HARDEST: Repair the Mac OS X 10.5.6 which is now installed on my SDHC card.

A Complete Reversal of Fortune

Bart set me up with a new SDHC card, and I returned to the fray.

My guide was not working so well. The guide predicted results which did not occur. I studied further, did more digging, and found that the guide was actually for an HP Mini 1000, not an HP Mini 110. Some dunderhead had plagiarized the guide, and then another dunderhead rewrote it very slightly.

A third dunderhead posted it elsewhere. That's a lot of people posting a guide which doesn't work - and never should have. It's for a different computer model than the one they labelled it with.

The Inevitable Setback v4.0

Everything was going swimmingly. I was booting OS X from my HP MIni's SSD. True, the screen was displaying at 640 x 480 resolution, and there was no sound. But it was working.

The next step was to install some kernel extensions to bring in the needed video, wifi, and audio functionality. Apparently I added one that was a problem, because the Mini suddenly stopped booting.

The Inevitable Setback v3.0

I loaded up my SDHC card with OS X 10.5.8, the iDeneb version which is all set up to run on computers with BIOS instead of EFI. Wouldn't even boot up, much less install.

Now I am going to try iDeneb v1.3, which is widely noted to work on the HP Mini 110. I will then have OS X 10.5.5 (i.e. OLD) working. Then I can download the iDeneb Combo Updater, which will upgrade to 10.5.7. Then I can grub around with several fiddly patches to upgrade to 10.5.8.

This is the method I was hoping desperately to avoid.

The Inevitable Setback v2.0

I tried to install a very late version of Mac OS X, version 10.6.0. I was hopeful that this would be easy. It wasn't. The guide I followed was for the HP Mini 1000, and apparently it does not apply to my HP Mini 110. I was able to fill the SDHC card with the installer DVD image, and run the patching program on the image, but it causes a kernel panic in the HP Mini when it tries to boot from the (patched) SDHC card. I can't find anything online which even points at a possible cause or solution.

The Inevitable Setback v1.0

Before I selected this particular netbook, I did quite a bit of online research about installing Mac OS X. i eventually bookmarked a beautiful and comprehensive step-by-step guide which seemed foolproof.

This wiki was accompanied by two ten-minute Youtube videos which demonstrated the installation process. They were very well-produced and helpful.

My Late Arrival in the Netbook Kingdom

For my birthday this year, I was presented, at my own request, with an HP Mini Mii 110 netbook. The basic specs are:

• 1024 x 576 screen
• 5+ hours of battery life
• freaking huge keyboard
• tiny little trackpad with buttons on the side
• 16GB SSD
• Atom N280 CPU which is differs from the N270 only by having 25% more front-side bus speed
• freaking huge keyboard
• freaking huge keyboard

Spam Experiment Resuls

My bouncing-spam experiment is officially over. I was getting over 1,000 spam messages per day before it started. I now receive less than 240 per day. An important innovation was to reject all emails which contained my domain name,, in the "From:" field. This should ideally be done in the mail server, but I'm not exactly sure how to accomplish that, so I am doing it within my mail client.

Bouncing Spam

My domain name,, has been around for a long time. That means spam accumulation. Though I've never responded to a single spam ad in my life, the soul-draining cretins at the other end have been sending me about 1,000 emails per day. It's a miracle that the internet works at all, considering the signal-to-noise ratio. Recently I decided to fight back. I'd been using Eudora as my email client for several years, but I switched over to Apple Mail. One of the client features is to fake a bounce of any received email.


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